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In 2024, Dockmate® will redefine the art of yacht control with the groundbreaking Dockmate Positioning System (DPS). Experience unparalleled stability at sea or in the marina with a revolutionary system that integrates the finesse of Dockmate’s wireless remote control systems with the precise accuracy of dynamic positioning.

Two Modes,
Total control

Ocean mode:

Embrace freedom as DPS maintains your yacht’s position using only the engines—perfect for the solo captain managing mooring lines or preparing for harbor entry.

Precision Mode:

Witness DPS in harmony with engines and thrusters, delivering position- and heading-holding power in close quarters, ensuring peace of mind when it matters most.

The Commitment
of Dockmate®

We have spent a significant amount of time and research over the years to ensure that the Dockmate remote control system provides boaters with the best control of their vessels in some of the more stressful situations like docking and close quarters maneuvering.

Our dedication to your peace of mind on the water has never been stronger. DPS is more than a feature; it’s our promise to you.


Enter the world of
stress free boating

Dockmate Positioning System is driven by an IMU unit (which includes a compass, accelerometer and gyroscope) and a DPS Receiver installed within the vessel, and connects to Dockmate GNSS antennas installed on the hardtop. It is designed for installation on any vessel with two engines and Dockmate compatible engine and thruster controls.

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When using a Dockmate® remote, that was charged to 100%, it takes up to 3 hours of constant use (remote actively communicating with the Receiver) to deplete the battery. This translates to a few very difficult and/or long docking manoeuvres, or lasts at least 15 docking manoeuvres of approximately 10 minutes.

During our test charging a Dockmate® remote from empty to completely full takes up to 3 hours. In practice we’ve observed a typical charging time for a Dockmate® remote of 20 to 40 min. For boaters using our latest Dockmate® Cradle, their Dockmate® remote is virtually always charged up and ready for use.