Dockmate® adds throttle+ technology for even more flexibility and control


Dockmate®, manufacturer of advanced wireless remote control systems for yachts, announced todaythe addition of a powerful new free feature for all Dockmate analogue and CAN bus remote controls –Throttle+

In an effort to give users the most flexibility and control to operate their vessels in almost any situation or conditions, Throttle+ offers a predetermined additional boost of throttle on every SINGLE+,TWIN+ and TWISTDockmate remote control. Building on the recent release of Dockmate’s patented SoftDocking feature, every Dockmate can now have threelevels of engine control.
On SINGLE+andTWIN+ models a quick tap of the forward or reverse button gives a pre-programmed gentle rotation of the prop, called SoftDocking, for close quarters maneuvering; a full press of the forward or reverse buttons engagesidle power; andby pressing the “SEL” button while pressing either forward or reverse gives a pre-programmedboost of additional throttle called Throttle+. This predetermined amount of throttle can be calibrated per direction to fit the precise needs of each customer and the type of vessel they own.
On a TWIST (joystick)remote there is no need to press the SEL button to use Throttle+. InsteadDockmateusesthe proportional nature of the TWIST joystick, allowing usersto tap the joystick for SoftDocking, a full push of the joystick in any direction forward, reverse or diagonal, for idle speed orby pushing the joystick further over the Throttle+ thresholdtoengage the additional thrust.
SoftDocking and Throttle+ are pre-loaded on all new Dockmate controls and areconfigured during installation.
“We know that our users encounter a variety of conditions in the course of their cruises including changing currents and wind,” said Dirk Illegems, president, Dockmate. “Sometimesidle speed is too much and sometimes it’s not enough. Throttle+allows you to give just an extrapush when you need it.We are positive that with SoftDocking and Throttle+, these free new featuresmake Dockmatethe most versatile remote control docking system on the market.”


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When using a Dockmate® remote, that was charged to 100%, it takes up to 3 hours of constant use (remote actively communicating with the Receiver) to deplete the battery. This translates to a few very difficult and/or long docking manoeuvres, or lasts at least 15 docking manoeuvres of approximately 10 minutes.

During our test charging a Dockmate® remote from empty to completely full takes up to 3 hours. In practice we’ve observed a typical charging time for a Dockmate® remote of 20 to 40 min. For boaters using our latest Dockmate® Cradle, their Dockmate® remote is virtually always charged up and ready for use.