Dockmate® expands distribution network to Taiwan


Dockmate®, manufacturer of advanced wireless remote control systems for yachts, announced todayit has expanded its dealer network to Taiwan with a strategic partnership with nautical equipment distributor DragonShore.

DragonShore is a representative of European and American original equipment manufacturers, and a key source of product information and technical guidancefor its customers in Taiwan.Offering thehighest-quality marine systems, DragonShore’sservice scope includestheAsia and Pacific region.Itsprofessional and experienced technical team provides customer-oriented serviceswith a focus on listening to and understanding the needs of its customers and being a communication bridge with its suppliers forthe fastest and most direct solutions.
“We are thrilled to be working with DragonShoreto leverage theirexpertise and relationships in theTaiwan region,” said Doriane Franckx, Managing Partner, Dockmate. “We are excited to grow our business and expand our efforts with their knowledgeable team.”
“We have developed a reputation for being exceptionally attentive to our clients and providing only the finest marine systemsto match their needs,” said Eva Chiu, Managing Director, DragonShore. “After visiting the Dockmate booths at IBEX and METS in 2019, we becameveryimpressed withthe Dockmate product line. Following METS 2022, we were able to renew our intentions to work togetherand are confident that boaters throughout the region will be very satisfied with the low-speed maneuverability that their remote docking solutions provide. We look forward to expand the brand throughout Taiwan.”


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When using a Dockmate® remote, that was charged to 100%, it takes up to 3 hours of constant use (remote actively communicating with the Receiver) to deplete the battery. This translates to a few very difficult and/or long docking manoeuvres, or lasts at least 15 docking manoeuvres of approximately 10 minutes.

During our test charging a Dockmate® remote from empty to completely full takes up to 3 hours. In practice we’ve observed a typical charging time for a Dockmate® remote of 20 to 40 min. For boaters using our latest Dockmate® Cradle, their Dockmate® remote is virtually always charged up and ready for use.